Sango (さんご)
Tile Attributes
Company Taiyo Chemicals Co., Ltd. (大洋化学)
Manufact. Country China
Alt. Names Coral
Colors (Back/Face) Yellow/White
Size 25.5mm (H) x 18.5mm (L) x 15.5mm (W)
Weight 11 g
Set Attributes
Net Weight 3 kg
Price ¥3,000 ~ ¥6,000

The Sango (さんご) Mahjong set is an entry-level Japanese Mahjong set, manufactured and sold by Taiyo Chemicals.

As with all entry-level Taiyo Chemicals Mahjong sets, the Naniwa Mahjong set comes at a low price, but prone to higher levels of manufacturing defects.

Set ContentsEdit

  • Sango Mahjong Tile Set x 1
    • Season Tiles x 4
    • Red Tiles x 4
  • Plastic Mahjong Case x 1
  • Tile Trays x 4
  • Item Case x 1
  • Tenbo (Point Stick) Set x 1
  • Dice x 4
  • Wind Marker x 1
  • Tanoshii Mahjong Guide x 1


  • Sango


Vendor Price Shipping Cost
Amazon $78.77 Free Shipping
[ Amazon Canada CDN$62.43 CDN$33.29
Japanese Games Shop $47.50 $55.00 ~ $65.50
Rakuten Global Market ¥5,400 ($45.79) ¥5,400 ~ ¥6,200

Last Updated: 2014/12/03

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