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Yakuman Houou (役満 鳳凰)
Yakuman houou
Tile Attributes
Company Nintendo Co., Ltd. (任天堂株式会社)
Alt. Names Yakuman Phoenix, Yakuman Firebird
Colors (Back/Face) Yellow/White
Font Kansai
Size Unknown
Weight Unknown
Set Attributes
Net Weight Unknown
Price ¥19,440

The Yakuman Houou (役満 鳳凰) Mahjong set is a premium Japanese Mahjong set sold exclusively by Nintendo of Japan.

This collector's set features a standard set of Japanese Mahjong tiles with a few unique features exclusive to the set:

  • Original Nintendo turtle design on 1p tiles
  • Nintendo logo on the playing chips
  • Nintendo logo on the Mahjong case
  • Three-tone tile backing texture
  • Unique marking on Red 5p tiles

Nintendo's green Mahjong playing mat "Yakuman Mat" is sold separately.

Set ContentsEdit

The Yakuman Houou Mahjong set is packed with the following:

  • Nintendo Mahjong Tiles Set x 1
    • Season Tiles x 4
    • Red Tiles x 4
  • Nintendo Mahjong Case x 1
  • Tile Trays x 4
  • Item Cases x 2
  • Tenbo (Point Stick) Set x 1
  • Dice x 4
  • Wind Marker x 1
  • Playing Chips (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green) x 10 Each
  • Yakuman Houou Mahjong Guide x 1


  • Yakuman Houou
  • Tile backside
  • 1p Turtle tile
  • Playing chips
  • Yakuman Mat


Vendor Price Shipping Cost
Nintendo Online Shop ¥19,440 Domestic Shipping Only (¥164 ~ ¥514)
Amazon $249.69 Free Shipping
Amazon Canada CDN$265.34 Free Shipping

Yakuman Mat

Vendor Price Shipping Cost
AmiAmi $31.73 (¥3,760) EMS Shipping Rates

Last Updated: 2014/12/01


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